Celox Granules

  • Celox is non-exothermic and works even with hypothermic patients and on Heparinized blood. It's unusual properties have been confirmed in wound models, where they have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to rapidly control major arterial bleeding (without cautery) from traumatic wounds. Celox has a long shelf life and it does not generate heat, produce burning, or embed itself in the wound.


    + Treats non-extreme bleeding as well as extreme arterial bleeding

    + Useful in treating difficult and deep wounds

    + Provides a simple and quick way to control bleeding

    + Gelled material is easy to remove

    + Lightweight and portable

    + Easy to administer

    Technical Information

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    Available Sizes

    + Single | 2 gram | Celox Granules | Celox

    + Single | 15 gram | Celox Granules | Celox

    + Single | 35 gram | Celox Granules | Celox

    + Pack of 10 | 2 gram | Celox Granules | Celox

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