AirSoft® Ear Plugs


    Optimized for exceptional in-ear comfort, AirSoft's new four-flanged design creates a better seal in the ear canal, delivering optimal protection and increased comfort for long-term wear. Internal fins create an interlocking, noise-blocking barrier within the air pocket, providing dependable attenuation for all wearers upon proper insertion. At the same time, AirSoft's firm stem and tapered shape facilitates easy insertion and removal, and allow the earplug to sit comfortably in the ear canal.


    + Advanced air pocket design features internal noise-blocking fins

    + Four-flange profile creates better seal in the ear canal

    + Less pressure in the ear canal eliminates that “plugged up” feeling

    + Rounded flanges, tapered shape fits better in the ear canal

    + Firm stem facilitates easy insertion and removal

    + Outstanding noise-blocking protection – highest attenuation in multiple-use

    Technical Information

    + Color | Blue

    + Style | Red Polycord

    + Shape | 4 Flange

    + Size | One Size Fits All

    + Material | Molded Polyurethane

    + NRR | 27



    Available Sizes

    + Single | AirSoft® Earplugs | Honeywell

    + Box of 100 | AirSoft® Earplugs | Honeywell


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